In 2012 in the U.S. alone over 33,500 people were killed in serious car accidents. Another 2,362,000 were injured in these crashes. These numbers, reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, saw an increase of 3.3 percent for fatalities and 6.5 percent for injuries since just 2011, and the numbers are still rising.

Experts in the industry have great hopes for the following technologies and the role they may play in greatly reducing the number of car accidents that occur every year. A Las Vegas auto accident lawyer understands that technology may be the nation’s only hope of stopping these often preventable crashes from occurring.

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Technologies that may reduce car accidents 1


Researchers have teamed up with the 10 largest automakers to create the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety. The system is designed to prevent drivers from turning on their vehicles if their BAC is detected above the legal limit. Both breath-based and touch-based sensors may be used in the technology, which is still currently in development. Researchers believe this technology alone, if properly implemented, may save 10,000 people a year from dying in fatal alcohol-related accidents.

Blind spot warning systems

A Las Vegas auto accident lawyer knows that blind spots can be a serious problem for many motorists. Blind spot detection systems are used to send a warning signal to motorists when there is an object within any of their blind spots. If widely implemented, the technology could save hundreds of lives annually.

Avoidance technologies

Crash avoidance technologies are a general category of systems that receive input from the environment and alter a vehicle’s performance based on that information. After detecting the potential for a collision, the systems warn drivers of possible accidents to ensure the driver is aware and alert. Some systems also adjust steering response or increase the vehicle’s braking power to make the driver’s choices more effective at preventing an accident.

Driverless vehicles

One of the most talked about features of the Consumer Electronic Show this year was a working driverless vehicle. Time reports that although the cars are still at least a decade away, their technology is sound and may be able to make car accidents a rare occurrence.

Drowsy driver alert systems

Drowsy driver alert systems are an existing technology that trucking companies are beginning to embrace. These systems may analyze the movement of a vehicle to detect driver drowsiness. Other types of the technology utilize Bluetooth headsets that evaluate the movement of the driver’s head and eyes to determine whether they are too drowsy to safely drive. Motorists are alerted using a combination of light, sound and vibration, depending on the system in use.

Those who have been injured in preventable accidents may be able to receive compensation for their injuries and resulting damages. All injured parties should contact a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer immediately.