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Category: Automobile Accidents

Accidents cause financial hardship, meaning getting the most money possible from a car crash claim is a primary part of a victim’s recovery. After a car accident, bills and expenses can add up quickly. If there are injuries, there will be medical bills that have to be paid.
How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Maximize Your Settlement
Space cushion driving may help prevent serious or fatal accidents. As Nevada roads become more congested, drivers are leaving less room between their vehicles and those around them. Following too closely reduces drivers’ opportunities to react to situations on the road and may increase tension between drivers.
Drivers who consume opioid medications and get behind the wheel put themselves, other motorists, and pedestrians at serious risk of injury or death. A significant number of people are consuming opioid medications and then driving motor vehicles. In doing so, they are willfully breaking the law and causing death and destruction along their route.
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Nevadans can take several steps during their daily commutes to reduce stress and avoid getting involved in road rage incidents. Road rage and aggressive driving are responsible for 66 percent of fatal traffic accidents. It is important for people to destress during their drives and avoid aggressive drivers so they can remain safe.
Easing Your Nerves On Your Daily Commute
While small cracks in car windshields may not appear to be much more than cosmetic issues, they can cause motor vehicle accidents and may raise the risk of serious injuries in a crash. It is important for people to get windshield damage repaired as soon as possible. A car’s windshield helps protect the occupants in front-end collisions and serves an important role in the proper deployment of side airbags. People who are involved in rollover accidents are also likelier to suffer injuries when their windshields are cracked.
The deadly silence surrounding electric vehicles has led regulators to require the installation of noise generating devices to alert pedestrians to their presence. Starting in 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require that all newly manufactured electric vehicles under 10,000 pounds are outfitted with devices that produce sounds when the vehicles travel at speeds of less than 30 km per hour or while they are shifted into reverse mode.
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