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Drunk driving claimed 9,967 lives in 2014. It is responsible for more than 1/3 of all traffic-related fatalities in the United States. Even with stricter laws and enforcement efforts, it continues to haunt American drivers. It is estimated that someone is killed by a drunk driver every 51 minutes of the day.
Truck drivers are under significant pressure to deliver their cargo on time, and carriers, shippers, and brokers may engage in coercive tactics to encourage drivers to violate safety laws in order to meet their deadlines. Coercion is illegal, and truck drivers have a mechanism by which they can report it to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The safety rules are in place in order to reduce the risk of injury and fatal accidents. Drivers who break the rules place others around them at increased risks for accidents. A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas may review logs and accident reports in order to determine if a truck driver was in violation of safety rules. If the driver was, then the lawyer may look for evidence that a carrier, shipper or broker coerced the driver into breaking the law.
Coercion Of Truck Drivers Leads to Increased Accident Risk
Bicycle accidents claim more than 700 lives per year. While many perceive bicycling to be a safe hobby and mode of transportation, the risks of riding a bicycle are very real. Each year, thousands of cyclists are involved in accidents that can result in serious injury or death. According to the National Safety Council, the cost of bicycle injuries and fatalities exceeds $4 billion per year.
Electric bicycles have become a popular mode of transportation, especially in cities like Las Vegas with thousands of tourists. Faster speeds and less fatigue enhance appeal, but they also contribute to accidents and injuries. For bicycle accidents in Las Vegas, a bicycle accident lawyer Las Vegas may be necessary for personal injury claims.
In the U.S., drowning is the second-leading cause of death in children from one to 14 years of age. Las Vegas summer heat sends thousands of guests to hotel swimming pools each day. For children, overcrowded pools and reduced visibility pose increased risks for accidents and serious injuries. Hotel pool injuries and fatalities require legal advice from a hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas who knows Nevada pool safety regulations.
Nevada is the 14th state to prohibit breed-specific legislation by local governments. This means that no ban can be placed on a dog breed by a city or county government. The bill received wide support, particularly by those who advocate for the evaluation of dangerous dogs on a case-by-case basis.
In 2011, Nevada launched the Zero Fatalities traffic safety goal with then Department of Transportation Director, Susan Martinovich declaring that, “One death on Nevada roads is too many…” Though fatality figures initially dipped, data from the last few years shows that fatal accidents and serious injuries on Nevada’s roads are as common as ever. In some areas the numbers are increasing, particularly in Las Vegas.

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