Accidents cause financial hardship, meaning getting the most money possible from a car crash claim is a primary part of a victim’s recovery. After a car accident, bills and expenses can add up quickly. If there are injuries, there will be medical bills that have to be paid. If continuing to work isn’t possible because of an injury, lost wages need to be compensated. If the car that was involved in the accident is in the shop for repairs, replacement transportation can accrue additional costs.

Hiring an Accident Lawyer

The best way for victims to maximize the value of an insurance claim after a car accident is to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Some of the things that happen immediately after an accident later become the most important details in a case. Getting the medical attention that’s needed for the injury right away helps increase a victim’s chances of a successful claim. Without medical reports that prove that an injury occurred, the insurance company will assume there wasn’t an injury that they have to pay for.

A car accident lawyer will make sure medical bills are paid, and that the insurance company gets complete and accurate medical records that substantiate the costs incurred and don’t minimize the extent of the injury. That’s not something an insurance company can be counted on to do.

Victims should be prepared to make a statement about the accident and injury that doesn’t jeopardize the claim. Insurance companies investigate claims and send claims adjusters to conduct interviews. Adjusters work for the company and are trained to get information that’s favorable to the insurance company. A car accident lawyer can help prepare individuals for an interview.

Letting a Professional Handle Settlement Negotiations

An experienced car accident lawyer will know the fair value of an injury claim. Juries in different areas of the country award damages in various amounts. An experienced lawyer will know what’s a fair award where he or she practices and will make sure any settlement that’s negotiated is comparable.

The attorney will also recognize when an insurance company is negotiating in bad faith. Not all insurance companies do, but unfortunately, it happens from time to time. When a company does act in bad faith, a car accident lawyer can fight the unfair practice on a victim’s behalf.