Nevada is the 14th state to prohibit breed-specific legislation by local governments. This means that no ban can be placed on a dog breed by a city or county government. The bill received wide support, particularly by those who advocate for the evaluation of dangerous dogs on a case-by-case basis.

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Bochanis 2 Short Dog Breed Discrimination Banned under Nevada Law

Dangerous Dogs in Nevada

Under Nevada law, a dog that has been determined “dangerous” or “vicious” can still be forcibly euthanized if law enforcement deems the animal a threat. Though breed-discrimination law explicitly bans local governments from banning a specific breed, when an individual dog is found to be dangerous, it can be legally destroyed.

Advocates of the legislation say that blanket bans on dog breeds allow officials to seize and destroy animals, regardless of their past. Pit bull owners, in particular, feel that their breed has been unfairly targeted by such laws, when other breeds are just as likely to attack, when not properly cared-for.

Staying Safe

Las Vegas dog bite lawyers urge dog owners to be responsible and follow safety rules, regardless of the breed they own. Any dog, cat or ferret over the age of four months must be licensed, if kept in the city of Las Vegas. Special permits are also required for specific animals. There are also some other pet-related laws that Las Vegas pet owners should keep in mind.

  • Pet restraint law: It is considered a civil infraction for any animal to roam within the city limits of Las Vegas without being secured or restrained by a leash or lead. Within individual property limits, animals must remain in a fenced, caged or cooped area, when not on a leash.
  • Pet sanitation: Las Vegas pet owners are responsible for promptly cleaning animal waste from public property or the property of others. Violation of this law is considered a misdemeanor.
  • Barking: The owner of a noisy animal can be fined, in certain instances.
  • Dog bites: When a dog bites, its owner can face civil liability for personal injury and, in some cases, can be criminally prosecuted.

Dog bite victims, or any individuals with knowledge of a dog bite, are required by law to report the incident to the Las Vegas Animal Control Unit. A dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas can also provide information on potential liability when a dog bite occurs.