Recent world events have led to an increased number of DoorDash drivers delivering food to people in Las Vegas, and a resulting increase in the risk of accidents that lead to personal injury claims when people are hit by DoorDash drivers. Car accidents qualify for personal injury claims, even when the driver is a DoorDash driver or another food-delivery service driver, but these cases do have unique liability factors to consider.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery service founded in 2013. DoorDash allows customers to place an order on their phone or computer, then alerts a delivery driver to the order. The driver goes to the restaurant to pick up the food, then takes it to the customer. The driver is paid via tips and service fees.

Risks of DoorDash Drivers

Any time someone takes to the road, that person takes on risk, and DoorDash drivers are not immune to that risk just because they are working. As food delivery services have increased in popularity, so has the risk of crashes involving these drivers. Because the drivers make more money by doing more deliveries, they are often tempted to drive in an unsafe manner to get to their destinations more quickly. They may also check their phones to pick up additional deliveries while driving. This increases the risk even more.

What to Do if Hit by a Door Dash Driver

If a driver or pedestrian is hit by a DoorDash driver, the next steps taken are critical. First, the injured person needs to secure medical attention and call the police to generate a police report and a medical report. The injured party should gather accident photos and speak to witnesses, if possible. Then, seeking help from a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas will help ensure that rights are properly protected.

Who Is Liable for DoorDash Accidents?

The question of liability is a complex one when someone is driving for work for another company. In these instances, the liability can lie with the DoorDash driver and the driver’s insurance or with DoorDash as a company. It could even lie with both. This is why working with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can be critical in the days following a DoorDash accident, because the attorney will be able to help answer questions of liability. Once the liable entity is found, the injured party can file a lawsuit to seek damages for the injuries.