Keeping everyone safe on the roadways, including motorcyclists, is a top priority for Nevada officials. The Nevada Department of Transportation, along with partner groups, recently updated the state’s strategic highway plan for keeping the roads safe. Motorcycle safety was included as one of the six critical focus areas highlighted in the plan.

“Motorcycle awareness is an important issue for Nevada drivers,” says Las Vegas bike accident attorney George T. Bochanis. “Sharing the road responsibly prevents accidents and keeps our roadways safe.”

Motorcyclists are subject to specific regulations while on the road. Unfortunately, because of their smaller size, many drivers overlook bikes or think that they are farther away than they actually are. It is often difficult for drivers to judge a motorcycle’s speed and not all are aware of the rules for driving safely around smaller vehicles.

It is also vital for bikers to adhere to traffic laws. Wearing helmets and other protective gear, following the rules of the road and not practicing distracted driving are all ways to prevent accidents and save lives.

The updated plan includes additional enforcement, plans for added emergency medical services and educational and outreach strategies. The ultimate goal of the strategic highway plan is to cut annual traffic fatalities in half over the next 14 years. Along with motorcycle awareness, pedestrian safety, seat belts, intersections, distracted driving and increased education were also addressed.

Over twenty million dollars in federal highway safety funds have been dedicated to fund roadway safety projects. It’s estimated that 97% of Nevada drivers have been reached through traffic safety education programs. The Nevada Department of Public Safety, a contributor to the strategic highway plan, has developed a motorcycle safety program to provide education to riders, drivers, law enforcement and judges.