Although all types of motor vehicle accidents have the potential to seriously injure and kill those involved, rollover accidents are some of the most catastrophic. According to, more than 10,000 people across the country are killed in rollover car accidents every year. Rollovers are involved in at least 33 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. A Las Vegas car accident attorney knows that these catastrophic accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone driving on the road.

Factors that contribute to a rollover accident

Not only are there controllable factors that can increase the likelihood of a rollover accident, there are some factors that are uncontrollable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists the following factors that can contribute to a rollover accident:

  • Speeding: The NHTSA reported that approximately 40 percent of fatal rollover accidents involved a driver who was speeding. When a car is going too fast, simply overcorrecting the vehicle or taking a corner too quickly is enough to initiate a rollover.
  • Type of vehicle: All vehicles have the potential of tipping over. However, taller vehicles, such as vans, trucks and SUVs, have a high center of gravity and are more likely to rollover.
  • Drunk driving: The NHTSA also reported that more than half of all deadly rollover accidents involved alcohol.
  • Tires: Studies show that in order to prevent a rollover, tires should grip the road, but not too firmly. Tires that provide too much lateral grip can increase the chances of tipping the car. Motorists should also avoid driving with underinflated or bald tires.
  • Inclement weather: Ice, rain, snow and wind can all contribute to an accident and possible rollover. During these bad weather conditions, the slightest mistake can lead to a tragic slip or slide, which may result in an accident.

People can help to prevent serious injury or death in a rollover accident by wearing their seatbelt, obeying the speed limit and taking proper care of their vehicle, a fact known by a Las Vegas car accident attorney.

Rollovers can be deadly

Although the specific factors that led up to a double rollover car accident in Las Vegas are still under investigation, it was verified that the tragic accident killed a 21-year-old man. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the young man was speeding down the highway when he allegedly switched lanes close to a truck. Both cars flipped as a result. The young man was ejected from the vehicle and died. The people in the truck walked away with minor injuries.

People who have sustained serious injuries from a rollover auto accident may be eligible for compensation. A Las Vegas car accident attorney may offer essential assistance to those considering legal action.