Each year, nearly 2,500 taxi trips end in an accident. That’s roughly seven accidents per day. Moreover, it is estimated that nearly 3,000 taxi drivers are cited each year for moving violations. For vacationers and residents, these statistics show that a seemingly safe ride can be anything but.

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Bochanis 2 Jan Short Why Taxi Trips Send Passengers to the Hospital

Poor Maintenance Causes Accidents

Poor maintenance can include failing to maintain brake systems, signaling systems, tires, suspension, etc. When these systems fail, they can cause the vehicle to veer out of control or fail to stop before striking structures or other vehicles. Taxi owners and operators are required to maintain their vehicle in proper working condition prior to carrying passengers.

Bad Behaviors

Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic lanes, and other aggressive driving behaviors cause numerous accidents each year. Since 2007, the state has increased penalties for aggressive driving. Taxi drivers who are found guilty of aggressive driving can face considerable fines and penalties in addition to the civil damages that a passenger’s taxi cab accident attorney in Las Vegas may recover for injuries and property damage.

Common Taxi Cab Accident Injuries

Head, neck, and back injuries are common in taxi cab accidents. In addition to these injuries, passengers often experience injuries upon leaving the taxi or merely walking by a taxi. Crushed feet and injured hands are common as drivers speed off after collecting a fare. These injuries can cause crushing injuries to extremities as well as permanent nerve, tendon, and ligament damage.

Uber Drivers

Uber drivers are not exempt from liability in an automobile accident. These drivers are not personally required to carry commercial carrier insurance. However, the company does provide coverage for their drivers when they transport passengers. These funds are to be used to cover any medical expenses or property damage an accident may cause.

Pursuing Compensation for Taxi Cab Accidents

Nevada is a tort state which means that responsible parties will be assigned a share of the fault of an accident. When a taxi cab accident occurs, injured parties or those experiencing property damage may be able to file claims against the taxi driver, the taxi company, the taxi company’s mechanics, or other motorists. When an accident occurs, a taxi cab accident attorney in Las Vegas can help determine the causes of the accident and the role behaviors, neglected maintenance, or other factors played in causing the accident.