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Dangerous flooring inside hotels, casinos, shopping centers and even parking lots and sidewalks can result in significant injuries that require ongoing medical treatment, cause victims to become unable to work, and interfere with daily activities. Fortunately, victims who have sustained serious injuries due to uneven flooring, broken or damaged sidewalks and parking lots, and other hazardous flooring conditions may be eligible to receive financial compensation to help cover the costs associated with their injuries. George T. Bochanis has been helping personal injury victims like you obtain the compensation that is rightfully theirs since 1985, and our firm is dedicated to ensuring that you never have to pay for the negligence of someone else.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, dangerous flooring conditions cause more than one million serious injuries that require medical treatment every year. Under premises liability law in Nevada, property owners and other responsible parties can be held liable for accidents and injuries that result from failing to take necessary precautions, completing repairs, or performing routine maintenance on walkways, sidewalks and other areas that are accessible to the public.

Legal Options for Dangerous Flooring Accidents

Residents of Nevada who have sustained injuries that were caused by hazardous flooring conditions may be surprised to discover that they may be able to file a personal injury claim against more than one responsible party. While the property owner, business owner or leaser is ultimately responsible for maintaining the safety of their premises, third party contractors can also be held accountable when their direct actions or negligence results in injuries. Common hazardous flooring conditions that could result in a successful personal injury claim include:

  • Failure to Warn About Wet or Slippery Floors
  • Failure to Provide Barriers that Protect Victims from Hazardous Areas
  • Failure to Perform Repairs to Damaged Stairways, Sidewalks and Other Walkways.
  • Failure to Remove Snow or Ice from Walkways
  • Failure to Replace Worn, Torn or Damaged Carpeting

Personal Injury Damages That Can Be Recovered

In many situations, victims of slips, trips and falls that are caused by dangerous flooring conditions experience severe injuries that lead to lasting medical expenses, loss of income and loss of use of their back, neck, arms or legs. Our firm helps to ensure that these victims recover the damages that result from their accidents. Many personal injury victims are able to recover:

  • Costs Associated with Ongoing Medical Treatment
  • Lost Past and Future Wages
  • Compensation for Loss of Use or Function
  • Pain and Suffering

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