Can you get Legionnaires’ disease from drinking water? Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires' disease if it is present in drinking water that is accidentally inhaled into the lungs. This happens when water that you are drinking “goes down the wrong pipe”, or when you inhale small amounts of drinking water.
African American woman feeling sick and holding her chest in pain. Concept of Can You Get Legionnaires' Disease from Drinking Water
If you suspect that you have contracted legionnaires' disease from a legionnaires' disease outbreak while staying at a Las Vegas, Nevada hotel, you may have the right to recover compensation from those responsible. Generally, the individuals liable for such incidents are the owners, operators, or managers of the premises where the outbreak occurred.
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There have been several reported long-term effects of legionnaires' disease. These include fatigue, neurologic and neuromuscular symptoms, and post-traumatic stress disorder. If left untreated, Legionnaires’ disease can become life-threatening.
Close-up of doctors hands holding x-ray vertebra in different projections. Concept of Long Term Effects of Legionnaires' Disease

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