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Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Medical Payment Coverage (or “MedPay”) is supplemental insurance that covers drivers for reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses. MedPay covers the policyholder (usually the driver), their family, and the driver’s passengers.
Insurance Agent Explaining Insurance Policy
Fatal car accidents are on the rise in Las Vegas. Experts are still reviewing the data to ascertain the cause for the increase in crashes. However, a combination of factors including increased driving after months of lockdown, more tourists, and drunk driving are indicated as possible contributing factors.
Front car get damaged by accident, damaged vehicle after crash
Curvy roads are a common factor in serious and fatal car accidents in Las Vegas. Curves cause unexpected shifts in the weight and velocity of the car, which can result in the driver losing control. Curvy road conditions also change with the weather.
Curvy Roads Can Lead to Catastrophe
Nevada transportation laws may be contributing to the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Fatal crashes have steadily increased over the previous three years, including a 3.3% increase from 2019 to 2020. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, a substantial majority of the 314 fatal crashes that occurred in 2020 resulted from impaired driving or speeding.
Are Nevada Laws Putting Drivers at Risk

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