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Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

Marijuana-impaired driving increases the risk of car accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. As states continue to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, there has been a significant increase in motor vehicle accidents.
man smoking marijuana in a vehicle while driving a car
Insurance companies will request injured parties to provide medical records substantiating their injuries; however, insurance companies cannot require a full medical history. The insurance company will do everything it can to reduce its potential exposure, including trying to access more medical information than it is entitled to in order to find other possible explanations for the extent of the person’s injuries.
paramedics helping a car crash victim with an oxygen mask
Older adults in the trucking industry may have an increased risk for collisions, putting themselves and those with whom they share the road in danger of suffering serious injuries or death. To help fill the industry’s driver shortage, many trucking schools and companies have turned their recruitment efforts toward people in their retirement years.
Matured truck driver smiling at the camera by his truck window
Drivers for companies such as Instacart may bear financial responsibility when he or she causes a collision while on delivery. An online-based grocery delivery service, Instacart contracts with more than 200,000 shoppers in Nevada and across the U.S. As the demand for such services and the number of grocery delivery drivers on the road increase, so too does the occurrence of auto accidents involving these motorists and the potential for causing other drivers serious injuries.
Man in Red and Black Polo Shirt Standing Beside White Van
Potholes in the road may cause motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries or death for drivers, passengers, and others. Depressions or cavities in the road surface, potholes often develop due to underground water expansion and contraction and erosion resulting from weather conditions, motor oil, salt buildup, and other such elements.
Car sinks into pothole in flooded urban road
Recent world events have led to an increased number of DoorDash drivers delivering food to people in Las Vegas, and a resulting increase in the risk of accidents that lead to personal injury claims when people are hit by DoorDash drivers.
Female chauffer opening luxury car door
Small signs, poorly lit signs, improperly positioned signs, and other issues can cause drivers to miss the signs they need to follow to avoid an accident. Whether the sign is on a rural highway, an urban street, or in a suburban neighborhood, it is a recipe for disaster.
Traffic signs

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