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Recent Case Results Past 3 Years

$230,000/Infectious disease

$230,000. Settlement for a hotel guest who contracted an infectious disease as a result of a hotel’s improperly maintained water system.

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$113,000/Knee surgery jury verdict

$113,000. Jury verdict for meniscus knee surgery repair caused by motor vehicle collision. Adverse insurance company disputed our client’s damages because he was fully recovered 90 days after his surgery . After trial, the Judge awarded $40,000. For attorney’s fees and $20,000. for costs and interest.

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$200,000/Dislocated Right shoulder

$200,000. Settlement at mediation for a woman who fell on a raised floor outlet at a store. She required home health care and long term physical therapy and pain management. This was a strongly disputed liability case.

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$215,000/Fractured nose and facial bones

$215,000, maximum policy limits settlement for a man who fractured his nose after striking his face on his steering wheel when he was struck by another vehicle. Fortunately, our client did not require surgery and only required minimal follow up medical care.

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$235,000/Neck and Back Pain

$235,000. Settlement one week before trial for neck and back injuries which required chiropractic, pain management and orthopedic treatment. This was a litigated rear impact collision case where the adverse insurance company hired multiple medical experts to dispute our client’s treatment and injuries.

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$260,000/Right shoulder Surgery

$260,000. Settlement for a man who was knocked down by an unrestrained dog, causing him to have rotator cuff surgery. Our client also underwent multiple epidural injections at surgery centers for related neck and back pain.

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$300,000/Low back disc herniation

$300,000. Mediation settlement for our client who was attacked by a dog that was involved in causing multiple prior attacks on other people. Our client suffered a low back disc herniation which required him to have physical therapy and pain block injections and he would require future back surgery.

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$387,713/Fractured ankle and wrist

$387,713. Binding arbitration award for a client who suffered a fractured ankle and wrist while she was walking in a community cross walk. The insurance company hired multiple medical experts to dispute our client’s medical treatment.

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$400,000/Right Knee surgery , Post-operative Infections, Concussion and Low back Pain

$400,000. Settlement for our client who was hit and knocked down to the ground while he was walking in a parking lot causing him to have a concussion, torn right knee medial meniscus requiring surgery and deep vein thrombosis caused by the surgery requiring additional substantial treatment and testing.

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$400,000/Knee and Shoulder Surgery

$400,000. Settlement for our client who was struck and knocked down by a business truck while riding his bicycle. The truck driver tried to claim our client was inattentive and should not have been riding a bicycle on a city street. Our client underwent both knee and shoulder surgery due to this truck driver’s negligence.

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