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Experienced Las Vegas slip and fall attorney George T. Bochanis has been helping injured victims like you win premises liability cases since 1985. Let us help you stand up to the insurance company and get the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our law firm offers FREE consultations, and there is no fee unless you win.

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When your injury case is in dispute, hiring George T. Bochanis, a trusted slip and fall attorney with over 30 years of experience in taking on large corporations and insurance companies, is your best bet. 

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Experienced slip and fall injury lawyer George Bochanis has earned a reputation for taking on insurance companies in some of the most complicated accident cases in Las Vegas, and helping his clients win.

Liability in premises liability cases is often not clear. Without a slip and fall lawyer who will perform an investigation of the slip and fall accident and has knowledge of local, state, and federal laws, proving fault in a disputed slip and fall claim can be difficult.

Plaintiffs who lack legal representation are often not taken seriously by insurance companies and lawyers. Las Vegas slip and fall lawyers with a track record of success can help ensure victims, and their injuries and losses, are taken seriously.

the question why?

Since opening our doors in 1985, George Bochanis has been committed to helping injury victims get full compensation for their losses.

Large corporations and powerful businesses often employ teams of experienced attorneys that use loopholes and deceitful tactics to avoid paying slip and fall claims. Slip and fall attorney George Bochanis can help protect victims from the other side’s unscrupulous ways.

It’s common for property owners, their attorneys, and insurance companies to claim that victims’ slip and fall injuries are not severe. Gathering medical evidence and demonstrating non-economic losses like pain and suffering without the help of a slip and fall accident lawyer can be challenging in an injury case.

While other lawyers are making claims to be the best injury attorneys in Las Vegas, our law firm is working hard to prove it. We’ve recovered millions on behalf of fall victims.

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Premises Liability Laws in Las Vegas

Las Vegas premises liability laws require property owners and managers to take reasonable steps to ensure invitees and licensees are safe from harm. When they fail in their duty of care and a dangerous condition causes someone to get hurt, a slip and fall lawsuit or another type of injury lawsuit may arise. 

If a personal injury attorney can show that the defendants were negligent, property owners, managers, and others can be held liable for the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

If a dangerous condition caused you to suffer injuries on someone else’s property in Nevada, premises liability laws allow you to recover compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and other losses. Contact premises liability lawyer George Bochanis for help with your case.

Under Premises Liability Laws in Nevada, a Duty of Care Is Owed to:

1. Invitees

Invitees are owed the highest duty of care in Las Vegas because their presence on the premises is solely for the property owner or manager’s benefit. People who fall into this category might include:

To demonstrate that the victim falls into this category, a premises liability lawyer must show that the victim entered the premises by expressed or implied invitation. Property owners are generally liable for damages if they knew about or reasonably should have known about the dangerous condition that caused the injury and did not take adequate steps to prevent harm.

2. Licensees

Licensees are people who are allowed to be on the premises for their own or mutual benefit. Examples of licensees include:

Who Can Be Held Liable for Injuries in Premises Liability Cases?

Business owners
Commercial Property Owners
Store & Restaurant Managers
Cleaning Companies
Maintenance Companies
Large Corporations
Insurance Companies
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Slip and Fall Injuries in a Las Vegas Grocery Store, Shopping Center, or Supermarket

Las Vegas grocery stores, shopping centers, and supermarkets are often defendants in premises liability cases in Nevada. Slip and fall injuries in stores are often caused by unsafe conditions like spills, recently mopped floors, dangerous flooring, uneven floors, and cluttered aisles.

Area stores where customers might be at risk include:

Although most shopping center slip and fall injuries are fairly minor and require a minimal amount of medical treatment or none at all, others can be severe, permanently disabling, or life-threatening.

Hotel and Casino Injuries in Las Vegas

A prime tourist location in the United States, Las Vegas sees approximately 42.5 million visitors each year. As such, the city that never sleeps has over 150,000 hotel rooms to accommodate guests. While some are stand-alone hotels, others are part of massive resorts that feature casinos, bars, restaurants, events, and other activities. With so much going on 24 hours a day, it’s no wonder that a slip and fall attorney might see a large number of common hotel injuries.

Popular Las Vegas hotels include:

Slips and falls on wet floors aren't the only way people in hotels and resorts get hurt. Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys frequently help victims who are also injured by:

Damages in Las Vegas Premises Liability Cases

Various types of damages may be available to people who are injured in a slip and fall or other accident at a shopping center, grocery store, casino, resort, hotel, or other Las Vegas business. Victims who file a premises liability claim or lawsuit may be entitled to:

Economic Damages

Non-Economic Damages

Punitive Damages

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What to Do if You Were Injured on Someone
Else’s Property

If a dangerous condition on someone else’s property caused you to be injured in a slip and fall or another type of accident in Las Vegas, the steps you take in the following hours, days, weeks, and months could mean the difference between recovering compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses or leaving the courtroom empty-handed.


Seek Medical Attention

Your wellbeing is priority. If your injuries are severe, obtain medical treatment immediately. Since some types of slip and fall injuries do not cause noticeable symptoms right away, it is important to be checked by a medical professional soon after you were hurt, even if you don’t think you were seriously injured. Additionally, your medical bills and treatment records will be needed by your personal injury attorney if your slip and fall case goes to court.


Gather and Preserve Evidence from the Scene

If your injuries are not serious enough to constitute emergency medical treatment, take advantage of the next few minutes to gather evidence. Take photos or videos of where you were hurt and anything that might have contributed to your accident. Be sure to save your shoes and the clothing you were wearing when the incident occurred.


Talk to Witnesses

Eyewitnesses can often help clarify how slip and fall accidents in Las Vegas happen. They may have noticed a dangerous condition that the property owner ignored, or bystanders could have watched your accident. Make sure you get the names and contact information of people who may have information about how you were injured. A slip and fall lawyer or another type of personal injury attorney may be able to use their statements to help you win your slip and fall case if you decide to file a claim or lawsuit. 


Make a Report

Notify the property owner or manager that you were hurt as soon as possible after the accident. If your accident happened at a Las Vegas business like a grocery store, hotel, or resort, there should be an injury report made. When you make the report to the responsible party, avoid minimizing your injuries, claiming your clumsiness caused the accident, or saying you should have noticed the dangerous condition.


Contact the Las Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyers at Our Law Firm

Trying to recover from your slip and fall injuries and handling a slip and fall case without legal representation is a recipe for disaster. An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Las Vegas will likely be familiar with the tactics used by large corporations and insurance companies. He or she can negotiate with the responsible party on your behalf, help you access medical care, and file a claim or lawsuit to help you recover compensation.


Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Victims who are injured in a slip and fall or other types of accidents in Las Vegas often ignore the recommendations their doctors make, exacerbating their injuries and jeopardizing their slip and fall case. By following your healthcare team’s advice, attending follow-up appointments, and taking off work if necessary while you recover, you increase the likelihood of a successful lawsuit or injury claim.


Be Discreet

While it may be tempting to post comments, photos, and videos on social media while you are recovering from your accident, avoid doing so at all costs. Insurance companies often employ investigators to scroll through victims’ Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media accounts in hopes of uncovering digital evidence that will get them off the hook for slip and fall claims.

FAQs About Slip And Fall Injuries and Accidents in Las Vegas

It depends. Most cases involving slip and fall accidents in Las Vegas are settled out of court. When insurance companies refuse to agree to fair settlements, however, a slip and fall attorney may need to bring slip and fall claims before the courts.

Under Nevada premises liability laws, a victim who is injured in a slip and fall or another type of accident on someone else’s property must take legal action within 2 years of the date the accident occurred to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Most of the time, an injury attorney at a Las Vegas law firm will accept slip and fall claims and accident cases on a contingency basis. This allows people who are injured in a slip and fall or another type of accident to obtain legal representation without upfront attorneys fees. 

You do not need a lawyer to get compensation for a slip-and-fall accident. However, a legal representative may aid in proving liability, gathering evidence to support your claim, and negotiating with other attorneys or the insurance company.

Winning slip-and-fall cases often comes with challenges. To receive damages for your injuries, you have to prove someone else’s negligence caused your accident, the negligence-caused accident directly caused your injuries, and you incurred damages because of your accident.

The value assessed to your pain and suffering after a slip-and-fall accident depends on several factors. Taking the type, location, severity, and longevity of your injury into consideration, complex calculations are used to compute a reasonable amount. In some cases, any fault you bear in contributing to the accident that caused your injuries may take away from calculated pain and suffering damages.

Much of the time, the two sides reach agreements before slip-and-fall accident cases go to trial. If you have solid proof of your injury and its cause, it typically aids in your footing, and the insurance company may have a greater inclination to offer you a settlement. Therefore, you may recover the compensation you need without the added time and effort of going to court.