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Competent Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyers

Defective and dangerous products are responsible for millions of injuries every year in the United States. Even worse, as Las Vegas product liability lawyers would know, thousands of people are killed as the direct result of using products such as defective children’s toys, toxic prescription medications and faulty automotive parts. At George T. Bochanis Law Offices, we are committed to protecting your rights as a consumer. Whether we are pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, we will work with you to compile evidence and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Experienced defective product attorney in Henderson, Nevada

If you believe you have a defective product claim in Las Vegas, it is important to understand how retailers, manufacturers and other entities may be liable. As with successful lawsuits regarding motor vehicle accidents and dog bites, proving negligence is a top priority. Your claim could include some of the following factors:

  • Outright negligence: A Henderson defective product attorney could demonstrate that either the defendant knew or should have known that the item was unsafe. Additionally, you may need to prove that the defendant failed to take the steps to prevent an incident.
  • Breach of warranty: A distributor or manufacturer that fails to comply with either a written or implied warranty regarding safety could be held liable.
  • Strict liability: In some cases, whether or not the defendant knew or should have known about a defect does not matter. The dangerous condition and ensuing injuries could be enough to hold the defendant responsible.

Securing an attorney with experience in these types of matters increases the probability that you will obtain compensation for your damages. We will ask you questions regarding where you purchased the product, how it was used and the extent of your injuries. Using that information, we can work toward negotiating a settlement or litigating for a verdict that is in your favor.

Holding manufacturers and retailers accountable

No matter what the background of your claim may be, it is important to seek legal assistance if a product has caused you injury or illness. This claim may include a dangerous product design, insufficient warning label or manufacturing defect. Here in Nevada, our statute of limitations provides you only a limited time in which to file a claim so you need to act as quickly as possible. At George T. Bochanis Law Offices, our focus is on helping victims of negligence through matters including defective products, hotel injuries and workers’ compensation. Please contact our team today for a free consultation by calling (702) 388-2005.

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