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Category: Hotel Injuries

A common type of injury that occurs in Las Vegas hotels is an assault, and the hotel operator may be liable if he or she did not exercise due care and the assault was foreseeable. Not all assaults that happen at hotels will have the basis for premises liability lawsuits, however. The cases turn on whether or not the hotel’s negligence resulted in the assault’s occurrence. A hotel injury lawyer in Las Vegas might review the circumstances in order to determine whether or not the hotel appears to have breached its duty of care in an assault.
Incidences of hotel food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses are common at hotels around the country. In Las Vegas, hotel guests often become seriously ill due to food poisoning and seek legal recourse with a hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas.
Little girl holding her tummy having pain due to food poison
Despite the legal duty that Las Vegas hotels have to ensure that their premises are safe for their guests, these vibrant oases away from home often still prove to be dangerous, and even deadly to many unsuspecting visitors. In fact, hotel injury lawyers in Las Vegas see cases involving serious guest injuries on a regular basis. Although many hotel injuries prove to be relatively minor and require little or no treatment, others result in significant pain and suffering, extensive medical bills, lost time from work, and long term or permanent disability or even death.
Improperly maintained hotel equipment can pose a grave risk to riders. Around 30 people are fatally wounded each year in the United States, with another 17,000 serious injuries. Elevators are responsible for about 90% of these deaths. Proper maintenance is required by hotel owners and helps keep equipment running safely and smoothly.
Hotel escalators and Elevators can pose a serious risk infographic
Nevada limits the liability of hotels for personal injuries and damage to guest property. Hotels are big business in Nevada, they employ around 1/3 of all Nevadan residents. They contribute a significant portion to the Nevadan state budget and they are responsible for the majority of tourism to the state. In short, hotels and casinos are big business in Nevada and they have the influence that comes with the territory.
Hotel buildings
According to Nevada law, innkeepers are liable under certain circumstances for injuries suffered by their guests if they were negligent in maintaining the hotel premises or in providing proper security and safety. Guests are entitled to have an expectation of safety while staying in a hotel. However, there are many things that can happen that can cause injuries to guests. Hotel guests can be injured by unruly guests or people who may enter the hotel. A hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas can advise guests of their rights if they are injured.
In the U.S., drowning is the second-leading cause of death in children from one to 14 years of age. Las Vegas summer heat sends thousands of guests to hotel swimming pools each day. For children, overcrowded pools and reduced visibility pose increased risks for accidents and serious injuries. Hotel pool injuries and fatalities require legal advice from a hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas who knows Nevada pool safety regulations.
Hotel pool accidents pose summer threat to children
Millions of people stay in a Las Vegas hotel every year, and the majority head home with positive memories of their stay. But for some, a stay in a hotel ends with injury or even death. One of the places where these incidents are mostly likely to occur is the hotel pool. Between 2012 and 2015, there were nearly 200 fatal or non-fatal drowning in Clark County, and that is only counting victims aged 0-14. Many of these took place in public pools such as hotels. In fact, according to nationwide statistics more than half of all public pool drownings take place in hotel pools.

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