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4 Simple Steps to Avoid A Slip and Fall in Las Vegas Hotels

4 simple steps to avoid a slip and fall in Las Vegas hotel

Because millions flock to Las Vegas every year, it is incumbent on hotel owners to take steps to prevent slips and falls from occurring on their properties. These slips and falls can often be avoided by following these simple steps:

4 simple steps to avoid a slip and fall in Las Vegas hotel

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4 Simple steps to avoid a slip and fall in Las Vegas Hotels

Keep Floors Dry

One of the biggest reasons why people slip and fall in Las Vegas hotels is because the floors are wet. Other guests may go in the swimming pool or hot tub and then drip onto tile or other glossy surfaces in the lobby, adjoining area or pool area. Some of the most dangerous areas include:

  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Lobbies
  • Bathrooms

Being vigilant about proper housekeeping can often help prevent harmful slips and falls. Additionally, placing strategic “wet floor” signs can alert guests to possible dangers and cleaning up spills quickly can take care of the problem before it becomes a major disaster. A hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas can investigate whether the hotel owner and personnel properly maintained the property or failed to implement necessary safeguards.

Make a Plan

Hotel owners can avoid personal injury by planning ahead. By knowing the steps that must be undertaken to keep the premises safe, hotel owners can limit their potential liability. Such plans may be included as part of a checklist that employees review on a daily basis. Hotel owners and managers may assign employees to different areas or require employees to check areas after certain intervals so that there is a constantly-revolving staff to ensure the area is safe.

Avoid Uneven Surfaces

Another possible source of slips and falls is uneven surfaces. Indoors surfaces can be affected by moisture that is tracked in by pedestrians or by issues involving a lack of traction. Some ways to avoid uneven surfaces include:

  • Use anti-skid adhesive tape to keep rugs in place.
  • Use moisture-absorbent mats at entrance points.
  • Repair uneven surfaces such as sidewalks and outdoor surfaces.

A hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas can review the circumstances involved in the slip and fall to determine if these steps were unnecessarily skipped.

Improve Lighting

When hotels are well lit, guests and employees have a better chance of recognizing possible dangers and avoiding them. Proper lighting consists of illuminating all pertinent areas, including staircases, hallways, decks and walkways. Lobbies and communal areas should stay well-lit even during late hours. Light switches should be obvious and easy to access.

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