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Category: Product Liability

Awareness of the top 5 defective products of 2023 can impact consumer safety. From faulty automobile parts to contaminated pharmaceuticals, understanding these defects is crucial. Beyond recognition, comprehending what constitutes a defective product in this region is pivotal for every consumer's well-being. Moreover, delving into Nevada's laws on product liability and recognizing the liability parties involved adds another layer of protection. 
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To prove a defective product injury, you must be able to show that you sustained an injury and suffered losses, that a product's defect specifically caused those losses, and that you used the product as intended at the time of the injury.
Unrecognizable male doctor places an arm brace on a patient's sprained wrist. how to prove a defective product injury
A product liability lawsuit involves products that harm their users and is aimed at holding the manufacturers and sellers of the products accountable for the defective product. It is where a claim is brought seeking compensation for an injury or harm suffered by using a defective product.
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Hand sanitizer companies making false claims about the efficacy of their products against COVID-19 may put consumers at risk. As coronavirus spread throughout Nevada and all the U.S., the demand for hand sanitizer skyrocketed.
Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for American children and defective car seats are making that risk even higher. Placing kids in an age-appropriate car seat can lower the risk of serious or fatal accidents, but when car seats have design or manufacturing flaws, parents cannot trust them to properly protect their kids.
Using products erroneously claimed to cure COVID-19 may result in patients suffering worsened or additional medical conditions, and even death. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers, medical professionals, and scientists from around the world focused their efforts on developing a cure.
Health care providers urge parents in Nevada to reduce their children’s screen time and get them outdoors for more hours of play. Going to the local playground is a natural and potentially great way to follow this advice. Modern equipment is a far cry from the metal slides, teeter-totters and merry-go-rounds many parents remember from their youth. However, even the newest areas designed with safety in mind are not without their hazards. A Las Vegas product liability lawyer urges parents to take safety precautions when visiting a playground with children. Before leaving for the park, adults should put sunscreen on children and bring along water. Clothing should be inspected for safety, as well, to prevent necklaces, bike helmets or outfits with strings to be caught or tangled during play.

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