Private security systems can fail for a number of reasons, exposing homeowners, employees, and customers to the risk of personal injuries and significant harm. Many homes and business security systems provide a false sense of security that can evaporate the moment danger presents itself whether that threat is a fire caused by a malfunctioning machine or an armed intruder intent on causing harm.

In the US, there are approximately 4,300 burglaries every day. This highlights the need for homeowners and business owners to protect their properties, personnel, and families from these threats and the personal injury harm and associated expenses that burglars and home invaders can cause when they gain unauthorized entry to a property. When a security system fails to protect homeowners or family members, employees or customers, liability for the failure can belong to the alarm monitoring company, the installation company, the homeowner, or the business owner.

Negligent Installation

Faulty installation is a common cause of security system failures. Improperly installed cameras, sensors, control panels, etc. degrade the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of the security system and create the potential for critical failure in an emergency. Authorized dealers and installation teams who improperly install a security alarm can be held liable for their negligent actions that make it possible for burglars to break-in and violent criminals to gain unauthorized access to a structure.

Similarly, security alarm providers have a duty of care that includes ensuring their systems can’t be hacked and defeated. They are also responsible for conducting routine maintenance and prompt repairs to ensure system functionality. Business owners can also be held liable if they fail to heed system error warnings and request repairs when issues such as faulty cameras, broken sensors, etc. become known.

Improper Monitoring & Updates

For systems that include live monitoring, those responsible for maintaining the monitoring service can be held liable for failure to detect threats and failure to properly dispatch emergency responders including police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

Home and business security is an ever-evolving battle between criminals and security system providers. Security system providers are responsible for staying on top of this and ensuring that their systems cannot be hacked, disabled, or otherwise defeated by those with criminal intent.