Nevadans should avoid driving in the dangerous blind spots around large trucks. Because of their size and design, blind spots exist behind and on either side of large trucks. It can be very difficult for truck drivers to see motorists who are traveling in these areas. When drivers make the mistake of driving in these locations, they are at a much greater risk of being involved in truck accidents. When an accident is caused by a truck driver’s negligence, a truck accident attorney may help the victims to recover damages. If the other motorist causes the accident through his or her own negligence, however, he or she might not have the valid grounds to file a claim against the truck driver or the company for whom the driver works.

Blind Spot Dangers

Truck drivers have limited visibility in large areas around their trucks and may not be able to see other motorists, leading to an increased car accident risk. Drivers should avoid driving too closely behind large trucks, leaving a minimum following distance of 30 feet. Additionally, they should only pass commercial trucks on the left and drivers should do so quickly instead of traveling alongside trucks for long periods. Passing on the right should be avoided because the blind spots on that side of the truck are even larger. A good rule of thumb for motorists to remember is that if they are unable to see the driver in the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver is likewise unable to see them.

Avoiding Blind Spots

Drivers should try to avoid the blind spots of a large truck when the truck signals that it will be changing lanes or turning. They should also stay out of these locations when the truck is reversing. When passing, drivers should give large trucks at least 20 feet of clearance when they re-enter the traffic lane in front of them. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends that other motorists understand the visibility limitations that truck drivers have and work to avoid driving too close behind them, on either side of them or when re-entering traffic lanes in front of them. If a negligent trucker causes a crash, a truck accident attorney may work to recover damages for his or her client.