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Category: Automobile Accidents

In 2011, Nevada launched the Zero Fatalities traffic safety goal with then Department of Transportation Director, Susan Martinovich declaring that, “One death on Nevada roads is too many…” Though fatality figures initially dipped, data from the last few years shows that fatal accidents and serious injuries on Nevada’s roads are as common as ever. In some areas the numbers are increasing, particularly in Las Vegas.
Serious injury and fatality numbers keep climbing
Every day, truck drivers come and go from Las Vegas along two of the deadliest stretches of road in the country. The first, and by far the most dangerous by total number of traffic fatalities, is Interstate 15. Millions of driving hours are spent in the cabs of long-haul freight carriers each year along this road, giving the drivers of these rigs a unique perspective on what makes this highway so dangerous.
dangerous road with holes
Much of the buzz in the auto industry now centers around the arrival of the driver-less car. As with any new technology, there are strong opinions about its potential impact. There are naysayers who think that no red blooded American would ever give up the enjoyment and thrill of driving. Then there are those who claim that driver-less vehicles could mean the end of accidents and traffic fatalities. The reality of the change will probably be somewhere in the middle.
Businessman Sitting Inside Self Driving Car
On Thursday, October 1st, several new traffic laws went into effect in the state of Nevada. The Nevada State Legislature passed the laws earlier this year in response to rising fatality rates across the state. New laws regarding electronic proof of insurance and increased speed limits in rural areas will also affect drivers across the state.
New Traffic Laws in Nevada Infographic
Large truck accidents are a serious concern on the roadways of America. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large trucks were involved in approximately 342,000 police reported vehicle accidents in the United States in 2013 alone. Of those, 3,964 fatality accidents and an estimated 95,000 injury accidents involved large trucks.
Large Truck Accident in Nevada Who is to Blame infographic
Keeping everyone safe on the roadways, including motorcyclists, is a top priority for Nevada officials. The Nevada Department of Transportation, along with partner groups, recently updated the state’s strategic highway plan for keeping the roads safe. Motorcycle safety was included as one of the six critical focus areas highlighted in the plan.
black motorcycle helmet
As the economy improves and more people get back to work, roadways are getting jammed, leading to an increase in fatal car accidents.The economic improvement in the United States is having some unintended consequences, including an increase in fatal car accidents. As the labor market improves, more people are commuting to work, and cities across the country are reporting a rise in car crashes and fatal accidents.
Rescuers putting man in stretcher inside an ambulance. Wrecked car beside the ambulance

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