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Category: Infographic

Offensive driving is an important concept to understand because driving offensively places drivers and the people who surround them on the road at a greater risk of accidents. Offensive driving occurs when drivers try to take control over the road, forcing drivers around them to adapt. Many road rage incidents are instigated by offensive drivers. When people drive offensively, they do not pay attention to the actions of others and may become aggressive. Drivers who engage in this type of driving behavior are much likelier to cause accidents that result in injuries or fatalities.
Infographic on offensive driving dangers
While small cracks in car windshields may not appear to be much more than cosmetic issues, they can cause motor vehicle accidents and may raise the risk of serious injuries in a crash. It is important for people to get windshield damage repaired as soon as possible. A car’s windshield helps protect the occupants in front-end collisions and serves an important role in the proper deployment of side airbags. People who are involved in rollover accidents are also likelier to suffer injuries when their windshields are cracked.
The dangers of a damaged windshield infographic
Nevadans who work in the construction industry may use hand-held tools that vibrate, which may cause them to develop a debilitating condition called hand-arm vibration syndrome. This condition can prevent people from returning to their jobs. Workers who use vibrating tools such as jackhammers for long periods of time may develop numerous problems, including damage to their nerves, circulation, and muscles. This may lead to them experiencing numbness, tingling, and pain and cause difficulties for them to grip objects. Workers who develop these conditions may be entitled to recover workers’ compensation to pay for medical expenses. If they are disabled, they may also recover ongoing disability payments while they are unable to return to their jobs.
a man feeling numbness and pain in his hands
Back to school starts the return to organized sports for over 30 million children and a steady stream of emergency room visits for millions of kids who will suffer sports injuries throughout the year. Many sports injuries can be prevented through proper supervision and conditioning. All children and teens should have a physical exam every year to clear them fit to play organized sports, whether the school requires it.
School Sports Injuries are Benching America's Youth infographic
Firefighters face unique hazards that place them at high risk of personal injury and death. Hazardous conditions, harmful substances, infectious diseases, slip and fall accidents, overexertion, and motor vehicle collisions seriously injured more than 62,000 firefighters in 2016. These and other unsafe conditions contributed to the on-duty deaths of about 60 firefighters last year alone.
Firefighters Face unique hazards infographic
When riders are assaulted by rideshare drivers, companies like Uber may be liable for damages. Inadequate training, insufficient background checks, and other forms of negligence can result in rideshare company liability. Uber has hidden the fact that a significant number of Uber drivers assault, extort, and otherwise put their passengers’ health and safety at risk. As the company has grown, so too have the number of reports of criminal assaults and injuries caused by aggressive and violent drivers.
young people ridesharing
Disaster preparedness is vital for Nevada nursing homes so that residents can be protected in the event of an emergency. The horrific story of the nursing home in Florida that was not prepared for Hurricane Irma is illustrative of how a lack of preparation can be deadly. Nursing homes present unique challenges because the residents are often too frail to be able to move themselves to a safe location in the event of a disaster. Nursing homes that fail to have disaster preparedness plans in place may be liable if emergencies happen and the residents are harmed as a result.
Is your nursing home prepared infographic

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