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Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce a bicyclist’s risk of suffering a minor injury by 50% and a serious head injury by nearly 70%. Helmets can also reduce a cyclist’s risk of fatality by 65%. With only two exceptions limited to Indian reservations, Nevada law does not require cyclists to wear helmets. However, the statistics show that these safety devices save lives and reduce a cyclists risk of their name becoming yet another statistic.
Recent studies reveal that Nevada drivers may be some of the worst in the nation, and their poor driving behaviors result in thousands of car accidents every year. While some of these crashes are minor, others cause serious and even life-threatening injuries. Regardless of the severity of these motor vehicle mishaps, one thing is certain- many of the behaviors that cause them can and should be avoided. Ranked for 2016 as the state with the seventh worst drivers in the nation, it appears that Nevada’s motorists have a lot to work on.
Dramatic workplace accidents don’t cause all work-related injuries. Over time, physically demanding and repetitive tasks may cause gradual damage known as repetitive trauma. This trauma includes diseases and injuries that affect the muscles, bones, nerves, tendons and respiratory system. Employees may receive workers’ compensation for repetitive trauma, but unfortunately, it isn’t always a guarantee.
Bicycle safety is essential to prevent accidents and injuries for kids. In Nevada, a Las Vegas bike accident attorney often sees kids with serious injuries including fractures and broken bones, facial cuts and abrasions, and head trauma as a result of bicycle accidents.
Father helping his son put on athletic sports helmet for bicycle riding
Small dogs can cause serious injuries, and dog bites by smaller dogs may be underreported. The media often focuses on large, aggressive breeds such as pit bulls. Understanding why dogs bite is key to preventing bites from any breed. A dog bite lawyer Las Vegas can answer questions after a bite has occurred.
Each year, nearly 2,500 taxi trips end in an accident. That’s roughly seven accidents per day. Moreover, it is estimated that nearly 3,000 taxi drivers are cited each year for moving violations. For vacationers and residents, these statistics show that a seemingly safe ride can be anything but.
Taxi light turned on

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