Faulty equipment causes large truck crashes that result in countless injuries and deaths on America’s roadways every year. For some victims who are involved in these accidents, recovery is full and swift. For others, their lives and the lives of their families are forever changed. When equipment malfunction causes an 18 wheeler to crash, determining the cause of the failure can sometimes help a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas identify who is liable.

Common Causes of Large Truck Equipment Failure

There are many causes of large truck equipment failure. Some of the more common include:

  • Failure to perform maintenance and inspections on a regular basis. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations, trucking companies and owner operators are required to inspect, repair and maintain large trucks and they must keep accurate logs to reflect the completion of these actions. The regulations also state that a commercial truck is prohibited from being operated if its condition is likely to cause an accident. If a truck’s equipment fails because adequate inspections, maintenance or repairs were not performed, or an inspection or maintenance log was falsified, the trucking company and sometimes the driver can be held liable if an accident occurs.
  • Improper Use: Overloaded trucks, those that are not loaded properly, and trucks that are operated beyond their capabilities are at significant risk for equipment failure. Improper use can result in braking problems, steering equipment malfunctions, restraint failures and tire problems.
  • Defective Equipment: Manufacturers of large truck equipment have a legal responsibility to design and manufacture trucking components that are safe and free from defects. When a part is defective in design or in the way it was made, the equipment manufacturer, the designer, and sometimes retailers when applicable can be held liable for damages caused. If a manufacturer recalls a product- like defective tires for example, and the trucking company or owner operator fails to discontinue using that part, the operator or company can sometimes be liable for injuries sustained as well.

When victims are injured or lose their lives to large truck crashes that are caused from faulty equipment, all responsible parties should be held liable.Victims and their families may be entitled to receive compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and more.