Workers compensation attorneys in Las Vegas hear all types of on-the-job injuries from staircase mishaps to construction accidents to injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment. They deal with everything from the mundane to the less common but nothing quite as extraordinary as these five on-the-job injuries from around the world.

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Bochanis 2 Short Five of the Most Unusual On the Job Injuries

Woman Attacked by Son

In Pennsylvania, a woman was injured on the job while caring for her adult son. She was employed by the state program to provide caregiver services for her son when he attacked her with a knife. Since she was being paid by the state and her son required constant care including overnight services, she was ultimately awarded workers’ compensation for the injuries.

Tripped Over The Dog

An Oregon woman successfully received workers’ compensation after tripping over her dog while working at home. The woman was required to work at home and store fabric samples. On her way to retrieve the fabric samples from her storage room in the garage, she tripped over her own dog sustaining injuries for which the company was required to pay compensation.

Radioactive Contamination

In Goiânia, Brazil, a radioactive contamination incident injured several people and resulted in the wrongful death of four workers. Although the incident is now considered one of the largest nuclear disasters in history, the incident is one in which workers and their families would be compensated.

Bit By Crocodile

A crocodile wrestler in a Thailand zoo sustained serious injury on the job resulting in 30 stitches to his head. His job was to perform in a show in which he spent an hour wrestling a crocodile. The crocodile snapped its jaw shut on the man’s head, resulting in his injuries.

Teaching is Dangerous

A British teacher’s assistant tripped over a wheelchair and injured her elbow and finger, resulting in dependency on her husband to care for her. She was awarded compensation for her on-the-job injuries. Similar cases in Britain include a teacher receiving compensation due to injuries caused by a stuck door that wouldn’t open and tinnitus caused by using a megaphone.

Most on-the-job injury claims are from common accidents such as slips and falls, tripping on stairs or carpet, falling objects, working with hazardous materials and injuries related to lifting heavy objects or repetitive movement. Luckily, for those who work in strange occupations or are prone to unusual accidents, workers’ compensation attorneys in Las Vegas are there to help.