Las Vegas Lawyer George Bochanis Urges Dog Owners to Be More Responsible

Following the harrowing death of a Chihuahua by three Pit Bulls, Las Vegas dog bite lawyer George Bochanis says pet owners need to make sure they’re behaving in the most responsible manner possible.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 7, 2016

Following the late January death of a Chihuahua belonging to a Valley woman, dog bite lawyer Las Vegas George Bochanis is urging pet owners to be more responsible when it comes to keeping their pets properly contained. The incident, in which three Pit Bulls attacked and killed a Chihuahua, occurred near the area of East Richmar Avenue and South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Las Vegas channel KTNV Action News, an ABC affiliate, began interviewing Nicole Garcia, the Chihuahua’s owner, when the owner of the Pit Bulls approached. The two women began arguing, with Garcia becoming visibly upset at the seemingly insincere apologies offered by the other woman. They continued arguing for nearly five minutes as video cameras captured the entire scene.

As a dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas, George Bochanis says he sympathizes with Garcia, and understands the trauma she is going through. “When something like that happens in front of you, your first instinct is to try to save your beloved pet. However, that can lead to damages of a different kind: dog bites; sometimes very severe.” He goes on to add that in a situation like that faced by Nicole Garcia, the urge to save your pet can be nearly overwhelming, “but imagine trying to separate those dogs; three Pit Bulls, all vying to get to the Chihuahua. Any part of your body that goes into that fray isn’t coming out without some damage.”

Mr. Bochanis goes on to stress the importance of keeping dogs properly confined; when pet owners do not take their responsibilities seriously enough, “things like this are bound to happen.” For anyone bitten by a dog in the Las Vegas area, it may be necessary to secure the services of a lawyer familiar with dog bites. “It could end up being the only way to secure damages,” he says.