Most large commercial vehicles in Nevada are operated safely while carrying their goods or passengers. However, some violate state and federal transportation trucking regulations.

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In order to determine if heavy commercial vehicles are operated safely, roadside inspections are carried out. And the results of some of these checks have resulted in transportation company shutdowns.

Nevada transportation companies shut down

According to news agency Reuters, Nevada is a state where several trucking companies clocked multiple prior safety violations.

One Nevada trucking company whose driver struck an Amtrak train killing at least six people had numerous safety violations. There were 19 random roadside inspections since September 2010. Of these, seven inspections resulted in violations as reported by the NTSB.

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCA) also ordered a three-truck heavy equipment hauler in Las Vegas ordered off the road due to violations.

Violations make trucks unsafe, and can result in accidents involving not only the driver, but innocent parties as well. As a result, roadside inspections are a must for public safety.

Statistics don’t lie

In a study conducted by Fleet Owner, multiple trucking vehicles were cited for many violations. These included:

Table1: Roadside Inspection Violations Through May 2015
Violation # Inspections # Violations # OOS
Not having operable lamps 140,156 202,610 16,365
Clamp/Roto-chamber type brakes out of adjustment 47,135 72,689 49
Inspection/repair and maintenance, parts and accessories 58,092 72,410 14,418
Tire tread depth 47,291 62,256 4,886
Oil and grease leak 46,438 55,644 429

Source: Fleet Owner

Trucking is also plagued with a number of driver violations.

Table 2: Driver Violations in 2013 (All Trucks)
Violation Description # Violations  # Inspections Percentage of Total Violations 
Log violation 154,649 118,964 14.0%
Driver’s record of duty status not current 97,128 96,497 8.8%
Non-English speaking driver 87,637 87,506 7.9%
Driving beyond eight-hour limit since the end of the last off-duty or sleeper period of at least 30 minutes 68,457 46,138 6.2%
State and local laws of driving over the speed limit 64,091 64,081 5.8%

Source: FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System

NV Transport reported that in 2011, about 25 percent of vehicles and drivers were taken out of service (OOS) for violations discovered during roadside inspections.

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Nevada State and federal trucking regulations have certain restrictions and requirements. Drivers must have a valid commercial driver’s license, medical card, and be alcohol- and drug-free.