According to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 40 people were killed while working in Nevada in 2019. The three most common causes of workplace fatalities are transportation incidents, falls, slips and trips, and violence caused by animals and other individuals. However, exposure to harmful environments or substances was close behind the violence.

Transportation and Warehousing

In Nevada, transportation incidents accounted for 18 workplace fatalities. Specifically, falls, trips, and slips accounted for 9 of those fatalities. Indeed, transportation and warehousing fatalities are up from previous years. Drivers and sales workers accounted for ten workplace fatalities.

The danger for transportation workers is twofold: (a) warehouse injuries and (b) on the road. Warehouses, especially in the age of Amazon, are fast-moving environments that include frequent human-robot interactions. Drivers and warehouse workers work in high environments, often without proper safety equipment and under tight delivery deadlines. When these factors combine, they cause more mistakes. Moreover, drivers are also exposed to Las Vegas’ hazardous roadways, which have higher-than-average driving under the influence of locals and tourists.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Installation, roofing, grounds maintenance, and repair workers operate in many locales in Las Vegas. These jobs take workers to the top of single-story family homes and multi-story casinos and hotels. These jobs expose workers to the Las Vegas sun and heat, and dangerous substances. According to the BLS, this industry accounted for eight fatalities in 2019.


Like installation, repair, and maintenance workers, construction workers are exposed to dangerous substances, chemicals, and the Las Vegas sun and heat. These workers suffer high numbers of workplace injuries and fatalities related to environmental and substance exposure. Moreover, construction workers also operate in dangerous environments and are at higher risk of injuries from falls, falling objects, and crush incidents. In 2019, construction workers accounted for five fatalities in 2019.

Protective Services

Protective services include public peace officers and private security. These jobs, especially in Las Vegas, are continually exposed to danger. Peace officers interact with the public daily in violent and dangerous situations — even ticketing a driver tells peace officers to traffic.

Moreover, protective services in casinos and hotels regularly confront violent guests. In addition to the regular roulette of inebriated bachelor parties, casinos and hotels now must face the risk of mass shootings. According to the BLS, protective services suffered five fatalities in Nevada in 2019.