Potholes in the road may cause motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries or death for drivers, passengers, and others. Depressions or cavities in the road surface, potholes often develop due to underground water expansion and contraction and erosion resulting from weather conditions, motor oil, salt buildup, and other such elements. The city, county, or state may bear responsibility for maintaining the roads, which includes filling potholes or repaving roads, to ensure they are safe and free of hazards for drivers.

Poor Road Conditions Put Drivers at Risk

When potholes and other defects affect the integrity of the roadway, it may affect drivers’ ability to safely operate their vehicles. In swerving to avoid hitting potholes, drivers may go off the side of the road, veer into oncoming traffic, or otherwise lose control of their cars. Hitting potholes may cause tire blowouts and other such issues that may contribute to single- or multi-car collisions.

Common Pothole-Caused Accident Injuries

Those involved in collisions caused by potholes may suffer an array of injuries, from minor to serious. In some cases, people may suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries in such wrecks. Some of the most common injuries resulting from pothole-involved accidents include the following:

  • Cuts, bruises, and abrasions
  • Sprains, strains, and other soft tissue damage
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  •  Broken bones

Depending on the type and severity of their injuries, people may require medical treatment and care, as well as time away from work to recover, following a pothole-involved accident. Consequently, they may face financial damages, including undue medical expenses and lost wages, on top of dealing with the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by their injuries.

Liability for Pothole-Involved Accidents

When potholes cause auto collisions in Las Vegas, drivers may seek to hold the city responsible for their associated losses. To this end, they may file a notice of claim with the Las Vegas Risk Management Division. One submitted, division staff process the claim and file with the city clerk’s office. At that time, the city initiates an investigation to determine liability. Should the city identify someone else as potentially responsible for the accident and resulting damages, that information will get forwarded on to claims filers to aid with pursuing compensation from the appropriate party.