Recently, the Law Offices of George T. Bochanis hosted a webinar titled “Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Law School”. The webinar was hosted by the founder of the firm, Las Vegas attorney George Bochanis. With over 35 years of experience in the profession Mr Bochanis is able to offer valuable insight for anyone who is planning a career in law. During this webinar Mr Bochanis offers his wisdom on a variety of topics a prospective law student should be thinking about. Watch the full video below.

The webinar discusses some of the challenges that students will face in law school and helpful tips on how to make the most of your law school years. The ten things Mr Bochanis asks aspiring lawyers to consider may help in the decision about where to go to school, what type of law do you want to practice and even whether or not you are ready for the rigors of law school.

Number one on the list is, “Know the reason WHY you are going to law school”. Mr Bochanis says it’s important to know if you can to commit the time and money to travel down this road. It’s also important to know what motivates you and whether or not you are willing to dedicate yourself to helping people. If money is your only “Why” then you probably shouldn’t go to law school.

The webinar also gets into topics like where you should go to law school and whether it’s important to go to a highly ranked law school. Mr Bochanis touches on personal finances, your willingness to work hard, the importance of that first year of law school and what happens in years two and three.

As mentioned before, the decision to attend law school should not be about the money. Indeed, Mr Bochanis talks about the real income of being a lawyer is in taking care of your clients. If a person is going to be happy in their chosen profession they have to love what they do. This webinar is a great primer for what any prospective law student should know before they even apply to a school. Watch this webinar and use it as a jumping-off-point in your decision about whether or not you want to spend your life being an attorney.