Driving defensively is particularly important in inclement weather. During a bout of recent storms, driving conditions became particularly dangerous on Southern Nevada roads, leading to a dramatic spike in car accidents.

Danger on the Roads

The roads coming in and out of Las Vegas are already infamous for being some of the most dangerous in the country. When bad weather strikes, accident rates soar. Record-breaking rains recently hit Southern Nevada and county fire and rescue crews were spread thin.

In a single day, emergency personnel responded to 127 different accidents. Forty three of these accidents involved injuries and two adults and an infant were pulled to safety when after their vehicle got stuck in high water.

Approximately 22% of car crashes in this country are weather-related. Accidents caused by wet roads even out number those attributed to harsh winter weather.

Avoiding Weather-Related Accidents

Wet pavement is particularly dangerous, and one of the best ways to avoid a rainy-weather accident is to slow down. Reduced speed prevents vehicles from hydroplaning and loss of driver control. Headlights should always be turned on in rainy weather. Giving other drivers plenty of space provides some leeway if a car does loose traction on slick roads.

Flash flooding is a sudden event, usually caused by drastic rainfall. Flood waters are particularly dangerous because water height is not always evident. Flash floods are the top weather-related killer in the United States, mainly because people try to drive through them. It takes just 12 inches of standing water to sweep most cars off the road and flooded roads are more prone to collapse.

When driving in flood conditions, taking the following steps can prevent accidents:

  • Adhere to road signs and barricades.
  • Never drive through standing water on roads or in parking lots
  • When forced to drive through water, move slowly
  • Keep a close eye out for downed power lines
  • Pay attention to the road and do not use electronic devices
  • Watch out for floating debris
  • Abandon a vehicle that gets trapped and seek out higher ground

Flash floods are a common problem in Southern Nevada and car accident attorneys Las Vegas urge drivers to take care while on the roads. Slowing down and driving defensively during inclement weather can prevent accidents and save lives.