According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, data from 2014 shows that the biggest risk factors for bicycle accident fatalities include lack of helmet use, riding in urban areas, being age 20 or older and having blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 percent or higher. Of those killed, 86 percent were adults age 20 or older. Sixty percent of those who were killed were not wearing helmets at the time of their accidents.

Urban Data

A bicycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas handles cases involving bicyclists who were injured or killed in accidents that were caused by negligent motorists. Urban cyclists have a much higher risk of being killed in bicycle accidents. In 2014, 68 percent of bicyclists who were killed were in urban areas such as Las Vegas. Sixty-five percent of the fatal accidents happened at non-intersection areas as opposed to intersections. A large majority at 60 percent failed to wear helmets.

Other Risk Factors

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety identified several other risk factors for being killed in bicycle accidents. Male riders were at a much greater risk of suffering a fatality. Out of 720 bicyclists who were killed in the U.S. in 2014, 551, or 77 percent, were males who were age 20 or older. Males younger than 20 accounted for 11 percent of the deaths. Twenty-one percent of cyclists who were age 16 and older who died had blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 percent or higher at the time of their accidents.

A Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Las Vegas On Prevention

Both bicyclists and motorists can take steps to help prevent their involvement in fatal accidents. Bicyclists should understand that they are required to follow the same rules of the road as are other motorists. They should always wear helmets to help prevent fatal head injuries if they are struck by motor vehicles. Like motorists, bicyclists should never ride their bicycles after they have been drinking. Bicyclists should also remain aware of the traffic moving around them, understanding that motorists may not see them.

Motorists should always be aware of bicyclists traveling around them. They should try to move over a lane from bicyclists and pay particular attention to children on bicycles. Children are less likely to observe traffic around them.

Bicyclists have much higher risks of dying when they are involved in traffic collisions. The statistics show what cyclists and motorists might do to reduce the chance of fatal accidents.