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Defective knee replacements: What you should know

Knee replacement surgery is a somewhat common procedure in the United States. More than 4.5 million Americans have had at least one knee replaced, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2012. Yet, a Las Vegas defective product lawyer knows that knee replacements come with potential complications, including defective medical devices and products.

When implants used during surgery are poorly designed and fail to function properly, people may need to have additional surgery to replace the defective equipment. These revision surgeries can be costly and expose the patient to additional pain, infection, potential injury, and emotional trauma. As knee replacement surgeries and product defects have become increasingly common in the U.S., prospective patients and their families may want to research more information regarding this life-changing procedure.

Manufacturer liability

Knee replacements are designed to give people a new lease on life. Yet, the increased demand for these devices has led some manufacturers to release products that do not live up to the required standards.

When manufacturers of medical devices put their products on the market, they have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure their product is safe for people to use. When a manufacturer fails to conduct the proper testing prior to putting their device on the market or neglects to warn people of the potential dangers of using their product, they may be held liable for any damages that occur because of the faulty product.

Noticing the signs of a bad knee replacement

Patients may have different reactions to knee replacement complications. Some of the most common include infection, inflammation, severe pain, and limited motility. In some cases, premature loosening of the joint can result in muscle, joint, bone, or neurological damage, a fact known by a Las Vegas defective product lawyer.

Loosening occurs when the implant components begin to separate from the bone. Rather than have supportive bone grow in between the knee components, soft tissue begins to form throughout the joint, which may cause pain and instability. Although some loosening is expected with knee replacements over time, defective products may begin to loosen within a year of the initial surgery. Even after the defective joint is replaced, pain and inflammation from bone, muscle, or nerve damage may persist and affect the patient for years to come.


Victims of bad knee devices may be eligible for compensation for all medical expenses related to the surgery. The additional surgical procedures, recovery, rehabilitation, pain and suffering the patient must endure due to the defective product will also be taken into account when calculating the amount of compensation. If the patient had to miss work, they may be entitled to lost wages as well.

Having a knee replaced can be a daunting process. When people discover that their knee device has been recalled and must be replaced, the frustration can be overwhelming. Victims of defective knee products may want to seek legal counsel from a Las Vegas defective product lawyer.

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