Trip and fall accidents are ever-present dangers no matter where people go, representing one of the most common causes of personal injury cases. When people are shopping at a store or visiting another place of business, the owners and operators have a duty of care to ensure their customers are reasonably safe. 

Trip and Falls Cause Serious Injuries

Whether an accident victim needs a trip and fall lawyer often depends on how the accident occurred. Uneven flooring, cluttered walkways, and darkened corners are examples of common causes of slip and fall accidents. A turned-up piece of carpet or rug, a loose electrical cord, and loose fixtures and displays are common examples of tripping hazards while shopping.

A proprietor must abide by the duty of care and protect customers against unreasonable dangers. If the proprietor or its agents and employees are negligent and allow a tripping hazard to exist, the proprietor is liable for damages arising from any accidents.

Third parties also might be liable for trip and fall accidents. A vendor or contractor working in a store could create a tripping hazard that causes a customer to fall. The cost to treat injuries from tripping and falling often times runs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Older Adults Are Especially Vulnerable to Trip and Fall Injuries

The effects of aging can make a big difference in the type, severity, and cost to treat trip and fall injuries. Older adults are especially vulnerable to suffering broken bones and other serious injuries caused by tripping and falling.

Broken hips and head injuries are among the most serious injuries that could arise from tripping and falling. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says about 95% of hip injuries happen when someone falls sideways. A hip injury could make it impossible for victims to work, and could lead to potentially deadly sepsis and other complications.

How a Trip and Fall Lawyer Could Help

An experienced trip and fall lawyer will uphold a victim’s rights and obtain a just settlement. An attorney can fend off predatory insurers or attorneys representing the at-fault party while the accident victim heals. A skilled lawyer also helps to ensure the victim is fully compensated for costs and damages that result from the accident.