A common type of injury that occurs in Las Vegas hotels is an assault, and the hotel operator may be liable if he or she did not exercise due care and the assault was foreseeable. Not all assaults that happen at hotels will have the basis for premises liability lawsuits, however. The cases turn on whether or not the hotel’s negligence resulted in the assault’s occurrence. A hotel injury lawyer in Las Vegas might review the circumstances in order to determine whether or not the hotel appears to have breached its duty of care in an assault.

Hotel Liability For Assaults

Under Nevada law, hotel owners are not civilly liable for assaults that happen on their premises unless the assaults were foreseeable and the hotel owners breached their duty to exercise due care. The duty of due care that is owed by hotel owners and operators is for hotels to do everything that is reasonably necessary in order to keep visitors to them safe. In the context of assaults, this might include having adequate lighting in dark areas and parking lots, posting security guards, making certain that all door locks and window locks are in operational order and making certain to verify identity when people request room key copies. Another example is hotel clerks may breach their duty when they give out room numbers and guest names to callers who they do not know.


If the hotel breaches its duty of care in one of the ways detailed previously or in a different way and an assault happens, then a hotel injury lawyer in Las Vegas might argue that it was reasonably foreseeable that the assault might occur because of the hotel operator’s negligent breach of the duty of care. Hotel operators will not be liable if they took every precautionary measure in order to try to prevent assaults from happening.


When people are injured in a hotel assault, it is important for them to determine whether or not they will file lawsuits. The state has a statute of limitations for premises liability cases of two years. This means that people must file their lawsuits before two years have passed since their assaults or risk forever waiving any right to recover. A hotel injury lawyer in Las Vegas may also need more time to investigate the case before filing, so it is smart for people to not wait.