According to Nevada law, innkeepers are liable under certain circumstances for injuries suffered by their guests if they were negligent in maintaining the hotel premises or in providing proper security and safety. Guests are entitled to have an expectation of safety while staying in a hotel. However, there are many things that can happen that can cause injuries to guests. Hotel guests can be injured by unruly guests or people who may enter the hotel. A hotel injury lawyer Las Vegas can advise guests of their rights if they are injured.

Injuries Caused By Non-Employees

Under Chapter 651 of Nevada’s Public Accommodation laws, premises refers to all buildings, properties, facilities and equipment that are connected to a hotel or other place of lodging. The level of civil liability that an innkeeper may be subject to is limited, provided they have acted according to the law in providing protection for their guests.

While an innkeeper may be held responsible for injuries to a guest caused by an employee, they may not be held responsible if an injury is caused by another guest or visitor to the property. However, if the innkeeper failed to evict the disorderly person from the premises, or it can be proven that they should have foreseen the potential for injury, then they could be held liable.

There is a legal expectation that the innkeeper exercises due care for the safety of hotel guests. It is also expected that if similar acts occurred on the hotel’s premises, and the innkeeper had knowledge of those prior acts, then they may be held liable for injuries suffered by their guests. This may especially be true if it is found that previous records of incidents were known to the innkeeper and they failed to take reasonable precautions to protect guests.

How a Hotel Can Protect Their Guests

While the number of crimes has dropped in Las Vegas, the potential remains for random incidents because of the sheer amount of tourists to the area. As a destination that relies on tourism, increasing security is important to making guests feel safe during their stay.

To ensure their safety, Las Vegas tourists should seek out hotels that offer security measures, including:

  • Security cameras in hallways, elevators and parking areas
  • Security staff
  • Well-lit areas throughout the entire hotel, including parking areas
  • Working locks on hotel room doors