The popularity of the Las Vegas bike share program is helping to increase driver awareness of cyclists on roadways. By seeing cyclists more frequently on roads, drivers are more likely to look for them. A greater level of awareness will likely lead to increased safety for cyclists.

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After seven months of operation, the Regional Transportation Commission stated that the bike share program has resulted in users taking over 10,000 rides, traveling more than 26,000 miles, and burning over one million calories. The program is considered to be a resounding success and some feel it will help develop the downtown area of the city. Despite the lack of a highly dense population residing in the center, tourists will still perceive it as being vibrant thanks to the bike share program that is also available in other, more densely populated urban centers.

Las Vegas has been pushing to become more bicycle friendly over the past few years by constantly adding new bike lanes. The bike share program was a natural extension of this endeavor.

Bike Share Services Promote Cyclist Safety

The new bike sharing program has led to an increase of bicycles on roads, which many hope will improve driver awareness. By seeing bikes more frequently, drivers should start developing the habit of looking out for them, reducing the chances of a motor vehicle/bicycle accident.

A Mineta Transportation Institute study also found that bike share programs are safer than private bike usage. To date, there have been no bike share fatalities in the United States.

The study cited a number of reasons for which there is a higher crash risk for private bike riders than for bike share users.

The bikes used in these systems are solid and sturdy, designed for cruising. They have fewer gears and are heavier, meaning the rider can’t reach the high speeds one would expect from private bikes. Wider tires improve stability, and their bright colors make them easy for drivers to see on the road.

Rider experience also plays a role. Those using bike share programs tend to be much less experienced. As a result, they are more cautious on the roads and take fewer risks than their more experienced counterparts.

Since bicyclists are more likely to suffer more grievous injuries than car drivers, a bicycle accident lawyer may be able to obtain a larger settlement for an injured cyclist if an accident does occur,