Sharing the road with tractor trailers can leave Nevada drivers facing a significant risk of accidents. These massive vehicles dramatically outweigh passenger vehicles, and they are less responsive to driver input in emergency situations. Many of these issues are compounded when tractor trailers are overloaded, as any Las Vegas truck accident attorney would agree.
How much weight are tractor trailers allowed to haul in Nevada?
In Nevada hospitals, any patient may be seen by a resident physician. A medical malpractice attorney in Nevada knows that these young doctors regularly work long shifts, handle several patients at once and are exposed to a multitude of illnesses. Therefore, it is not surprising that these medical professionals will fall ill themselves. A recent investigation by News 4, however, brings a worrying factor to light. The station has received information that alleges a sick leave policy in hospitals in Reno encourages residents to report to work, even when they feel that sleep deprivation or illness makes it unsafe.
Working outdoors in hot weather can be life-threatening. Agricultural workers, forestry workers, firefighters and other outside workers face an elevated danger of heat-related illness. Bulky protective clothing, strenuous exertion and heavy equipment all contribute to the risk of physical harm or death. Employees can stay safer in the desert climate of Nevada by learning about the hazards of heat stroke.
In a recent news story published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, local law enforcement reported a hit-and-run accident involving a tractor trailer. A 50-year-old man was sleeping under the truck when the driver started the truck and drove over him, resulting in his death. Officials were uncertain at first if the trucker might have been able to run over the man without knowing, but shortly afterward the fatality was attributed to driver negligence. The reason for the determination was unknown.

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